Having a smartphone is very useful, so now with these cool trick for taking photo, I think I will be using my phone camera.





2014-10-04 11.52.04

So at my job, I am learning more, this is what I really like about my job. Chipotle is my first job, so I tried my best to adapt to the fast pace environment. I can even remember the second week of working there, I was about to quit because I felt so overwhelmed. Now two years later I can handle it so well, I’m able to learn more like cutting lettuce, pepper, cheese, making rices, and beans. It makes me happy to know that I have grown.

Dia de los Muertos

2014-11-02 18.05.48

So for my mom, she celebrate dia de los muertos because it is a tradition to her, I know it means alot to her because of what happens on that day. I always like to ask question and hear story about how in her village does this festival for the dead, how most people goes to the grave.

I will love to do this!

I was doing research about this old factory by my old middle school and I found this article of what they are planning to do with the factory. I found it so interesting that they saw something beautiful in this beat up factory to renovated it, also they planning to put an art gallery, that so cool. I see so many abandon building here in Yonkers and I don’t understand why they can’t renovate it to something useful.

Converting a Run-Down Power Plant

After reading this articles, I got so interested in abandon places, that I found Nick Carr blog. Nick Carr blogs about location that he scouts for movie, I read all that he wrote about Yonkers, and now I want to do the same. I will love to go and explore many location, I love the fact that he does most scout in New York, and that he doesn’t really have to go far. It just shows that you don’t really need to go all over the world to see interesting stuff. These are some articles about Yonkers that I love because they are about Yonkers..

An Abandoned Country Estate in Yonkers

The Abandoned Boyce Thompson Institute

Finish with Collage

after probably 3 weeks working on my collage, i finally finisf today. Im so happy how get it look, and the color i choose , also the concept i used for the collage, at first i thought it was going to hard because of the image i wanted to use was to little but after a while i just went with the flow and got them to fit together.


A week after the trip, and actually seeing professional cubism, I am still confuse about cubism.
It was nice to see paint of cubism and actually seeing where everything connect, but I feel like I don’t know how to make that connection.
This is not good, I must really put all my effort to make this image work, I think the reason why I’m having trouble is the picture itself.
Having the river as the main focus is hard to do because it doesn’t have any dimension.