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One of the thing I am really excited to learn from this class, is professor Nicole binder, the binder is something new as to organizing everything. I am not good taking note or keeping things clean so I do want to keep using this binder for every other class.

My name is Roxanna Sheila Moreno, I am 20 years old, and I attend Westchester Community College.

I was born in Bronx Central Hospital, on April 9, 1994, and I been living in Yonkers my whole life. I have even been living in the same street, Buena Vista, since I was born.

I have one sister, she 3 years older than me, and her name is Maria. She was attending Westchester Community College, and is full time manager in Party City.

I can only speak English, I understand Spanish but I can’t speak it well, neither I can write it and read it. Mostly when I am home, I try my best to speak in Spanish to my family, my mom like to try to speak English to me. She can understand English well, but knows a little bit of writing and reading.

My career goal starts by receiving a Bachelor in biology and than attend dental school. I will than graduate, get a job in my career and than go to achieve a certificate for Orthodontist. That my true goal that I will achieve, I want to be able to know I was able to succeed.

In five years I want to be able to drive, I have been telling everyone I will be getting my license but I have not yet to get it. So I hope in five year I will be in a car, also I will be done with my degree and be going to school for dentistry.

I do not know anyone beside the people in my class that attends college for art, no one in my family, none of my friends. Not a lot of people that I know are artistic, I’m not even going to continue with a education in art.

I am really proud of my family, I have a family that works hard and works everyday. My whole life my parents were always working to give everything to me and my sister. We wasn’t the riches growing up but now we are fortunate and could handle anything in the future.

In my spare time I will be sleeping a lot, but if I do have a long period of time off, I will tell my boss to give me more hours to work. I like working, it not the job that I like but the money I get from working, I like to know I’m one of the best there.

I enrolled in this class because I was afraid to take any of the other photography classes, I don’t really know anything about photography or take professional photo. I didn’t want to walk in a class that I would not be able to feel comfortable, this digital fundamental class felt right to know the beginning of photography.

I’m not really interested in a photographer but I do find street photography interesting, like photo with some simple on it. I don’t really notice a lot of photo but I do enjoy looking at it.

My ideal job will to be working in a calm scenario, not a lot of chaos, I want to work in a place where I know everything is in control. But in reality I like working in a fast pace setting, I like to be constantly moving around.

I will describe my self as a loyal person, someone you can trust and to know that I will have everything done for you. Strong, I can say I am physically stronger than someone girl and mentally. I’m generous with people, when I see someone struggling I don’t think twice about helping them, if my friends don’t have money I give them and not except anything in return.


Alejandro Cartagena He made a page about Mexicans being born in the USA, trying to live the American dream.


Jef Campion was a New York firefighter, artist and activist. He was one of the firefighter that was working


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