My Digital Workflow


What types of camera/s do you own? (please list specific models)
The only camera that I have is a Canon SX500 IS.

What is your favorite camera from the above list?
I like the canon camera but I want to buy a Polaroid instant camera, I like how the photo comes out instantly and I could see it with out no correction or effects.

Which camera do you use most frequently from the above list?
I don’t use the camera a lot, only when my sister lets me, I am fine with using my camera in my phone, but if I would use a camera frequently it will be the polaroid.

Do you own different lens? (please list specific lens)
The only lens that I own is the lens that came attach to the camera.

How many memory cards to do you own for your camera? What sizes?
I only own one, the one that came with the camera, the size of the memory card is 32GB.

How do you organize and store your memory cards?
I keep the memory card in the camera, I still have enough space in the card.

Do you own a tripod? Do you always bring it with you when you are going to take pictures?
I don’t own a tripod.

Do you own a scanner? If so, what model?
I do not own a scanner neither a printer.


Which operating system do you use primarily?
The operating system that I use is Microsoft Windows, I really prefer Microsoft Windows.

How do you transfer your photographs from your camera to your computer?
I use the cable that came with camera, and transfer the photo in a new folder.

Which operating system/platform do you use for image editing?
I use my laptop for editing photo, or the Mac at the college.

What specific photo software do you own? (This could be browsers, cataloging applications, editing programs, workflow applications, calibration software, scanning software, etc.)
I don’t own any photo software, I don’t really like to use any and don’t really know how to use some.

What specific photo software do you have access to?
I can’t think of a photo software that I have access to.


What type of external hard drive do you own? How large is it?
I don’t own any external hard drives.

How do you back-up your digital files? (x2)
I don’t back-up my digital files as often as I should, I have them in my laptop, but that the only location I have my work.


Do you own a printer? If so, what model/s?
I have one printer, it doesn’t really work well, the model is a Desk Jet 832C. I mostly print at school.

Do you use any online photo printing services? If so, which one/s (please provide a link/s)?
I do not use any online photo printing services, I didn’t even know that there was printing services online.

Do you have a website or blog that you upload your images to?
The only blog that I upload images is the wordpress that I am using right now.


What additional peripherals do you own? (please list specific models)
I don’t own any other peripheral beside my laptop.

What are your goals for your photography practice?
To learn everything and anything so I could become a photographer, I am a blank slate when it comes to anything that has to do with photography and cameras.



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