Past, Present + Future: FOUND IMAGES

Visual Textures

ropepebblesWoodTextureBark basket

The rope, tree bark, and peeling paint has the texture of something rough and scratching. The basket and the pebbles has the texture of something smooth.

Color Fields

Wheelbarrow color line_field color_field5.1.2 painting_field

This subject Color Fields was hard for me to search, I did not know what to be looking for. But I really like the color that the are using and the cool effect that it is do.

Favorite Things

buzzfeed_favorite panda_favorite movie_favoritetree_favoritetotoro_favorite purple_favorite

These are some of my favorite thing, from my favorite animal to my favorite color.


lake_mystery dragonfruit_mystery planet_mystery BABY TASMANIAN DEVILS BREEDING NSW plant_mystery


peter pan_maps triangle_mapsneverland_maps atlantis_map area 51_maps


rock_dream skies_dreampainting_dream

flower_dream mountain_dream


jackie chan_talisman phoenix_talisman rose_talismangold piece_talisman feather_talismin


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